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Iced Coffee / Latte

Iced Coffee / Latte

$50.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price

Make your event or coffee shop the talk of the town with our larger-than-life Iced Coffee / Latte prop. Designed to bring a refreshing twist to any setting, this prop is perfect for parties, special events, and coffee shops looking to add a unique touch of whimsy and warmth. Its realistic design and considerable size make it an irresistible centerpiece, inviting guests to interact, take photos, and revel in the joyful atmosphere it creates. Whether it's adding a cool vibe to a summer event or enhancing the cozy ambiance of a coffee shop, this Iced Coffee / Latte prop is sure to brew up a storm of excitement and memorable moments. Dive into the delight of this creamy, dreamy prop and let the fun begin!

Big Hand Props are crafted from durable, lightweight coroplast, a superior alternative to PVC for our larger-than-life props. Perfect for indoor and outdoor events, coroplast's water-resistant and easy-to-clean surface means our props stand out visually and are built to last. Easy to handle, safe, and versatile, they enhance every photo opportunity, ensuring your events are memorable and full of vibrant, engaging experiences time and time again.

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