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Point - Back of Hand [Hand Gesture]

Point - Back of Hand [Hand Gesture]


Step into the spotlight or playfully accuse a fellow reveler with our Point gesture prop! Ideal for themed parties, mystery game nights, or just guiding attention to something or someone special, this prop is all about playful drama and dynamic interactions. Whether you're recreating a classic 'who-dun-it' scene, ushering someone into their surprise party, or simply having some mischievous fun, this hand gesture ensures you're pointing the way to pure amusement. Every photo taken becomes a narrative of fun, jest, or surprise. Lead the narrative, create the jest, and point out all the fun moments!

Big Hand Props are crafted from durable, lightweight coroplast, a superior alternative to PVC for our larger-than-life props. Perfect for indoor and outdoor events, coroplast's water-resistant and easy-to-clean surface means our props stand out visually and are built to last. Easy to handle, safe, and versatile, they enhance every photo opportunity, ensuring your events are memorable and full of vibrant, engaging experiences time and time again.

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