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Celebrating 420 with Style

Embrace the spirit of 420 with our exclusive collection of photobooth style 420-themed props!

Perfect for marijuana shops, dispensaries, and enthusiasts alike, our props offer a unique and interactive way to celebrate. From the classic appeal of joints and blunts to the novelty of edible cookies and bongs, each prop is crafted to add a spark of joy and creativity to your celebrations. Imagine the fun as customers strike a pose with our zippo-style lighter, or share a laugh over a jar of weed prop. These are not just props; they're conversation starters, memory makers, and the perfect addition to any 420 event. Whether you're looking to spice up your shop's ambiance or planning a 420 bash, our props are designed to make every moment picture-perfect. Let's make this 420 unforgettable—add a touch of playfulness to your space and watch the smiles roll in!

420 Props

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